Patient Portal/Bill Pay

We are pleased to announce the introduction of online patient services through our new patient portal. Once you register, you will have electronic access to our practice and be able to communicate with your office via the portal.

All communication via the Patient Portal will become part of your permanent Electronic Health Record (EHR) or medical record.

What types of communication are appropriate via the patient portal?

The MyHealthRecord Patient Portal is not intended to replace an office visit. Please do not send messages through the Patient Portal that require immediate medical attention. For any urgent medical matters, please call your provider's office. If you are having a health related emergency please call 911.

If you have not signed up already, call 520-795-0771 to get signed up today. We will need a valid email address in order to send you your invite.

If you have already signed up and are having trouble registering on the patient portal, please contact our patient portal support team at 520-352-1025.

Click to enter the patient portal

If you are a new patient, please arrive 30 minutes early and bring the following:

Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to participating in your care.

Warm regards,
Genesis OB/GYN